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Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry
Las Vegas, Nevada

Affectionate Dental Care
Henry H. Kim  D.D.S.,
F.I.C.O.I., F.M.I.I.I.

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Cosmetic Dentistry & Implant Dentistry
Las Vegas, Nevada
Dr. Henry Kim
Affectionate Dental Care

Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry


Experience the difference:

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From the minute you walk in our door we want you to experience the difference at Affectionate Dental Care.

You can be assured that we stay on top of all the technology and training available today. You'll get the advantages of the most advanced dental equipment and care available.

We won't make you wait either. We think your time is important and we promise your visit will be efficient.

State of the Art Technology :

Digital X-Rays – We¨ve recently added filmless radiography to our office. This technology allows us to reduce radiation exposure between 80-90%. This technology allows for instant on-screen images which reduces our patients treatment time.



3D Digital Dental Implant software "SimPlant ":

SimPlant software is the world's first interactive 3D Implant Planning System for more accurate and predictable treatment planning of dental Implants.

Interactive 3D planning software



No more guessing

SimPlant is precise preoperative planning software that provides an increased level of confidence and an extra margin of safety for your patients.

Good looking results

Real 3D planning allows you to find the ideal position of the implants, while taking into account both clinical and esthetical considerations.

For every implant brand

SimPlant software is compatible with every implant brand. You choose your favorite implant in the library of SimPlant software.

SurgiGuide unique drill guides

SurgiGuides, drill guides, provide a link between your plan and the actual surgery by transferring the simulated plan accurately to surgery. SurgiGuides offer a complete set of solutions: they can be used with any implant brand and they can be supported by teeth, gum and even bone if you wanted to raise flaps. More information


Cosmetic Imaging - Complimentary Consultation!
Are your curious as to how cosmetic dentistry techniques can change the appearance of your smile and face? Remove the guesswork by having Dr. Kim provide a free cosmetic imaging of your smile.

For a limited time, Dr. Kim is offering a free cosmetic imaging evaluation to show patients how they could look with cosmetic dentistry treatments. You can now see how professional whitening, veneers, bonding, orthodontics and crowns can help to enhance your smile through digital imaging. With cosmetic imaging showing you the possibilities for your smile, you can make the decision on what treatments make the most sense for your appearance.

Here are samples to show how cosmetic imaging can reveal how your smile could look:




Intra-oral Camera – This revolutionary chairside technology allows you to see areas inside your mouth by providing an enlarged, color image you can view on a monitor. The image is transferred to the screen through a pen-like instrument held by Doctor or trained staff members. By having a clear view of specific areas in your mouth, you can have more participation in treatment decisions.





Sterilizations: Several recent television shows and other media exposures have caused a great deal of concern regarding sterilization Procedures and infection control procedures.

These issues are a very important segment of the dental care that we provide, as they involve the health and safety of our patients and staff. This letter is intended to inform you of the procedures we use to keep our dental office a safe environment.

The cornerstone of any infection control program lies with the people who implement the procedures. Our dental assistant is fully trained in the most up to date procedures. We are continuously updating our knowledge through extracurricular education courses and seminars.

All of the instrumentation that is placed in a patient's mouth is either disposable (used only once) or sterilized. The reusable items are scrubbed with a disinfectant soap, then placed in an ultrasonic cleaner (type of solution) and then sterilized in the autoclave which uses heat, chemicals, and pressure. All instruments and hand pieces are included in these procedures.

The rooms are wiped down with disinfectant between each patient. All of the operatory surfaces that are contacted by the hands of the doctor or assistant are wiped down with "Ster-All", a phenol-based disinfectant. My assistant and I wear surgical scrubs, gloves, masks, and protective eyewear during patient treatment.

We feel that we can strive to make our infection control and sterilization program the highest priority. We welcome any questions from you regarding our procedures.

We are proud of the efforts we take to provide for the health and safety of our patients. We will always try to provide you with the latest in technology and understanding in regards to all dental health issues.



AIR-FLOW handy 2 - Our office uses The New AIR-FLOW HANDY 2  which delivers a controlled stream of fine sodium bicarbonate particles, the AIR-FLOW Prophylaxis Powder, to the tooth surface through water spray and compressed air. Sodium bicarbonate is a relatively soft material which is biocompatible if ingested. It is an accepted dentifrice and antacid. It is moderately abrasive. It dissolves rapidly and has a relatively low toxicity  and excellent way of removing and controlling plaques and stains.



Dental plaque is "the soft tenacious material found on tooth surface which is not readily removed by rinsing with water". It is estimated that 1mm of dental plaque, weighing about 1mg, will contain more than 200 million bacteria. There are well over 350 species of bacteria in the oral cavity, only few have the ability to colonize a newly cleaned tooth surface.

Colonization of tooth surfaces by bacteria is acknowledged as the key etiologic factor in the most common oral disease : like inflammation induced in the gingival soft tissues adjacent to the gingival plaque, carious lesions of the enamel which develop on individual tooth surfaces beneath the bacterial plaque and the periodontitis.

Studies in humans have shown that high-quality plaque control can prevent and control gingivitis, periodontitis, and dental caries in children as well as adults. Plaque control can be achieved mechanically or chemically by self care or professionally by dentists or dental hygienists.
Tooth brushing is the most widely used mechanical means of personal plaque control in the world. The use of a tooth brush is not, however, synonymous with a high standard of oral hygiene, because the tooth brush has a very limited access to the wide approximal surfaces of the molars and the premolars. Clinical, visual assessment of plaque removal by tooth brushing does not mean that all bacteria have been removed from the tooth surface.

Professional mechanical tooth cleaning is the selective removal of plaque from all tooth surfaces. It is concentrated on tooth surfaces generally neglected by the patient: plaque deposits are often heaviest in the mandibular lingual embrasure of the molar and premolar are always present in the interproximal spaces.

The treatment is carried out by means of small rotating brushes or rubber cups, scalers curettes or ultrasonic devices. Because this work is labor-intensive and time-consuming, new methods are constantly sought for a more effective treatment which is both harmless and comfortable for the patient. The AIR-FLOW method was introduced to provide an alternative method of stain and plaque removal.



The AIR-FLOW method delivers a controlled stream of fine sodium bicarbonate particles, the AIR-FLOW Prophylaxis Powder, to the tooth surface through water spray and compressed air. Sodium bicarbonate is a relatively soft material which is biocompatible if ingested. It is an accepted dentifrice and antacid. It is moderately abrasive. It dissolves rapidly and has a relatively low toxicity.



Patient Comfort Measures: we offer DVD players, blankets, neck pillows, soothing music or a movie if you choose.

Come experience the difference of gentle, advanced care. There really is a difference at Affectionate Dental Care.

Give us a call to set an appointment.  We'd love to see you soon. 702.876.3222

© 2005 Henry Kim DDS  



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